What People Say About the Strange Series

‘Loved this!’ M A Comley, NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author.

‘Beautifully written, one of the most compelling characters ever.’ For the Love of Books. 

‘IMO Marilyn Messik deserves world fame and adulation.’ Compulsive Readers.

‘Pitch perfect humour, beautiful sentences, and a deadpan, matter of fact narration. A real, rare treat of a read.” S.E. Lynes, Amazon #1 Author

‘What a brilliant unique book. I couldn’t put it down’. Off-the-Shelf Book Reviews

"This is a FAB read, have recommended it to 4 friends and they all loved it! The story gripped me and drew me in from the first chapter – hope there’s a sequel and lots more from this author, a first rate writer!"

Denise Raymond 

"Cleverly written with humour, suspense and uniquely memorable characters – a joy to read!"

Grace Lowrie

What a fantastic read! Everything I look for in a novel. Mystery, drama, beautiful in-depth descriptions that make you feel like you’re in the room and then heart stopping action that makes you wish you weren’t! Absolutely Wonderful.

Suzanne West  

"Excellent read. Sublimely witty and superbly written."

Anne Thomas-Davis 

"Oh, what fun this book was, a fab, fun read. I’m so pleased I’ve been introduced to this fabulous writer as she’s witty, original, fun and wholeheartedly entertaining. Her loveable characters are as diverse as they are mad!"

Miriam Smith  

"Wow, what a simply brilliant book!"


OHMIDAYS! OHMIDAYS! What a book! I have laughed out loud, I have wept with sorrow and run the gamut of every emotion between. I love Stella, weirdly wonderful Stella and her marvellous, accepting family. The book is so clever and Stella is so believable that at one stage I found myself thinking, "maybe, if I just let go, I could fly". It genuinely felt like I was reading her diary. I want Stella to be my friend, I want her parents to come over for dinner. The Peacock sisters and Glory are heart-warming and so lovable, and as for Ed, adore him! The paradoxically named Miss Merry and the dreaded doctor are so vile and villainous that I was in awe of the will power of Stella and her friends not to do something unimaginable to them. What a fabulous book! 5 happy, bubbly stars.

 Melanie Preston Lewis.

A delightful book with beautifully and evocatively drawn characters. An incredible eye for detail and wry sense of humour kept a smile on my face for every page – until she dropped her bombshell! Suddenly it was no longer a gentle humorous saunter through childhood but a chilling, violent, situation which develops into a gripping plot. 

Zandra Johnson

I loved the main character Stella. The story was unique, there was nothing I didn’t like about it, one of the best books I’ve read this year. 

 A. Hunt.

I seriously enjoyed this book more than anything I have read in a long time. Truly a breath of fresh air. Stella is charming and amazingly real. All the characters are which is a good trick if the author can do it - and she did. Big time. I’m on to the next one right this minute!!

Elaine C. Petrocino

If you like well fleshed out characters, lots of antics and drama, then this would be right up your alley! 

Mary E. Lockette
Elaine C. Petrocino.~ Mary E. Lockette

"My parents had no inkling I was different, and naturally neither did I. It was some time before it dawned on me that not everyone saw and heard as I did."

"When people can’t believe their eyes they don’t, they usually rationalise. That’s been a lifesafer for me, on more than one occasion."

"Just when you think you’ve got your ducks all in a row, somebody comes along and shoots them down."

Witch Dust yanks you into the story and characters and doesn’t let go until the very last word – at which point you don’t want to leave this fantasy world; a world carefully created to intertwine with normal, everyday life. 


 Another brilliant book by Marilyn Messik and any book that makes my own dysfunctional family seem normal gets 5 stars from me. 

Compulsive Readers.


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