I have not been so enthralled with a story for a long time. I really don’t want to give too much away but the story had me page turning like a woman possessed. I really hope other people enjoy this book as much as I did, and I hope that there will be another one to follow because I’m already missing Stella. ~ Angie T.D

A wonderfully strange book and I hope the author is writing a follow up. Definitely recommend. ~
Tracy Fenton. The Book Club

What a brilliant unique book. I couldn’t put it down. ~
Off-the-Shelf Book Reviews

So, so original. Like the Exorcist but with a domestic UK feel, great plot and carefully placed humour. I went to search for more of her fiction and was disappointed not to find any. Come on Marilyn, you have us intrigued. ~ Jonathan P. Luke

Beautifully written, this book will grab readers on a visceral level. Stella is both heroine, victim and villain, and one of the most compelling characters I have encountered in some time. ~ For the Love of Books

I loved the main character Stella. The story was unique, there was nothing I didn’t like about it, one of the best books I have read this year. ~
Mrs. A. Hunt

Imagine a John Wyndham character strayed into a McDermid Kate Brannigan novel, that might give you an idea of this quirky book. An unusual and compelling novel.  If you want to try something a bit different, I’d really recommend this. ~
Promoting Crime Fiction

. . . keeps you on your toes and at the edge of your seat throughout each chapter. A must-read. ~
Elisheva Sokolic. Under Cover

This is a FAB read, have recommended it to four friends and they all loved it! The story gripped me and drew me in in the first chapter – hope there is a sequel or another book by Marilyn Messik she’s a first rate writer! ~
Denise Raymond

Cleverly written with humour, suspense and uniquely memorable characters – a joy to read! ~
Grace Lowrie

Not quite sure how to explain this fantastic book suffice to say once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down. Written in the first person, it is about a young girl coming to terms with her ‘gifts’ (flight, telepathy, telekinesis, and more). One moment you’ll be laughing out loud and the next you’ll be plunging head first into a much darker world. It’s touching, moving, funny and shocking all at the same time. I love this book. 5 stars from me! ~
Cake Obsessed

Wow, what a simply brilliant book! ~ Ashrae

It’s a brilliant unputdownable read. ~ Julia Sondack

Brilliant enthralling read. Lost the first 3 days of my holiday as I couldn’t put it down!! My daughter, 20 has now stolen it off me to read too – so it works for all who love a good read that’s a little bit different.
There had better be a sequel on its way! ~ Mrs N J Fisher

What a fantastic read! Everything I look for in a novel. Mystery, drama, beautiful in-depth descriptions that make you feel like you’re in the room and then heart stopping action that makes you wish you weren’t! Absolutely wonderful.~ Suzanne West

What a fabulous read! The characters have been created beautifully with a real sense of understanding and depth. I was hooked as soon as I began reading and didn’t want it to end. A dark and chilling side to Stella that I was not expecting had me wanting more. I was taken on a wonderful journey with this book. I would highly recommend it. ~
Amazon Customer

What a wonderful tale! All of the characters seem so real, as does the story. I’m so envious of Stella’s skills, and believe this would make an excellent film. Clever, unexpected and the culprit of some unfinished tasks at home! Tell everyone to beg, borrow or buy this book – it is simply brilliant.~ Margaret Harris

This is a delightful book with beautifully and evocatively drawn characters. Marilyn’s eye for detail and wry sense of humour kept a smile on my face for every page – until she dropped her bombshell! Suddenly it was no longer a gentle humorous saunter through childhood but a chilling, violent, situation which develops into a gripping plot. A good and thought provoking read.~
Zandra Johnson

Marilyn’s writing is very evocative, it took me to wonderful places, I smelled the chicken soup, felt the air on my skin while flying. Can’t wait for the sequel. ~ Martina Vanickova

Another brilliant book by Marilyn Messik and any book that makes my own dysfunctional family seem normal gets 5 stars from me. ~ Compulsive Readers

Loved This. Could not put it down. Well written, clever storyline. Totally recommended! ~ Heidi Rankine

Gripped from start to finish. It pretty much flew off the pages and, once finished, I was completely satisfied. ~ Ashrae

Didn’t stop smiling from the first page until the last although I didn’t want it to end, really enjoyed it and can’t recommend it to other readers enough. ~ Angie T-D

If you like well fleshed out characters, lots of antics and drama, then this would be right up your alley! ~ Mary E aka Lockette

Dialogue is razor sharp, witty, dry and very funny. Characters are wonderfully eccentric and totally lovable. Whole package is a gift that keeps on giving like snuggling up in a warm, comfy robe, sipping champagne and eating peeled grapes! ~ Melanie Preston-Lewis

Another cracker from Marilyn Messik. Had me laughing at some points and reading between my fingers at others, as she combines humour, terror and an element of who dunnit! Can’t wait for her next book. ~ Michele Young

Absolute breath of fresh air. Marilyn Messik took me on an enchanting, fairy-tale ride – think Harry Potter/Night Circus. Her writing crackles with spark and humour. So beautifully did she conjure up this magical world that I was completely engrossed and unquestioningly drawn into the realms of the extraordinary. ~ Sue Purbrick

Like the Strange series, Witch Dust yanks you into the story and characters and doesn’t let go until the very last word – at which point you don’t want to leave this fantasy world; a world carefully created to intertwine with normal, everyday life. ~ Yvonne

Excellent read. Sublimely witty and superbly written. ~ Anne Thomas-Davis

Hugely entertaining. I lose myself in your books. ~ Sonia Grimes

Oh, what fun this book was, a fab, fun read. I’m so pleased I’ve been introduced to this fabulous writer as she’s witty, original, fun and wholeheartedly entertaining. Her loveable characters are as diverse as they are mad! ~ Miriam Smith